Enforcement and Crime

peoriaStudies show that traffic enforcement also helps to reduce crime.  During a traffic stop, law enforcement officers may come across individuals who have a warrant for their arrest, discover drugs and stolen items, and much more.  With many law enforcement agencies experiencing a reduction in the number of officers, numerous agencies are now using a multifaceted approach to making their community a safer place to live, work, and enjoy.


A Study Conduced in Peoria, Illinois

Over a three year period (1994 through 1996), Peoria experienced significant reductions in violent crimes, property crimes, and traffic crashes.


How did they do it?

New leadership brought traffic enforcement back to the forefront as a valued way of doing business . . . and got results.


Traffic Enforcement Results 1994-1996

Traffic Citations Issued – Increased 24%
Officer Initiated Activity – Increased 28%
Custodial Arrests – Increased 16%
DUI Arrests – Increased 11%
Traffic Crashes – Decreased 21%
Citizen Generated Calls – Decreased 6%
Part One Crime Index – Decreased 12%
Violent Crime – Decreased 10%
Property Crimes – Decreased 12%