A Message from Jim Santilli, CEO

Welcome to the official website of the Transportation Improvement Association.

Since 1967, TIA has been one of the leading safety agencies in the world. Created by more than two-hundred government and corporate leaders, TIA is committed to identifying transportation safety issues that negatively impact our communities, and developing inclusive and equitable solutions that can be implemented to save lives, prevent injuries, and improve mobility.

TIA made tremendous progress during 2022. We collected traffic data (volume, speed, classification, turning movement, pedestrian count, etc.) at more than 1,215 locations. TIA also completed more than 106 traffic engineering studies, produced 185 traffic crash reports, and provided information to numerous government agencies. In addition, more than 25.7 million impressions were made through TIA’s Drive Safe for the Holidays hourly radio traffic safety messages, student distracted driving awareness billboard competition, and other public education initiatives. Virtual seminars were also offered to TIA’s government and corporate members, and enforcement mobilizations were coordinated. Six Radar speed signs, which are capable of collecting data, were purchased and may be borrowed by law enforcement agencies.

During 2023, TIA will be assembling a team to review electric vehicle safety. We will also implement monthly virtual seminars for government employees, beginning in March, and offer TCAT training. TIA will send traffic crash summaries and FACT (Facts About Controlling Traffic) sheets by e-mail.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact TIA if we can be of any assistance.

Thank you for your commitment to public safety. We look forward to continuing to provide you with valuable transportation safety engineering, education, and enforcement resources to save lives, prevent injuries, and improve mobility.



Chief Executive Officer